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Affordably Financing when you need it. Home of the 1-2-3 Step Credit Approval

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Our staff of full time finance professionals are available:

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ANET, Inc is simply the Best Solution for Financing furniture, appliances, electronics and so much more.

We understand that you expect timely delivery, the best possible merchandise at competitive pricing and a little understanding when it comes to financing. At ANET, we do everything we can to provide you all that and more every day.

We spend thousands of hours researching innovative new designs in appliances, comfortable-stylish furniture and the latest and greatest technology in electronics, computers, televisions and gaming.  And we do it all for you. It’s how we’re able to bring you the value that we do each and every day.

Our long standing relationship with international manufacturers and our ability to provide affordable financing to customers has proven to be a winning combination that adds up to unparalleled growth in the industry.

Our Quick Ship programs bring speed when needed, and our Custom Order division offers a wide selection of merchandise not even available in many Brick and Mortar Stores.

We look forward to being your Computer, Home Electronics, Home Furnishings, and Appliance Company.


Mel promised me two good testimonials. As soon as she sends them to me, this will be gone.    – John Q

Jonathan Q

I refer you to the testimonial by John Q Public…  Same deal here.

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